Saturday, May 17, 2014

Paris M. Herouni

Paris M. Herouni (1933 – 2008) was an Armenian professor and scientist, member of National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Armenia in the fields of radio-physics, radio-engineering, and radio-astronomy.
Among his many experiments is his first Radio-Optical Telescope (ROT-54/2.6) – the “Herouni Mirror Radio telescope” – the large antenna of which with a diameter 54 m has one of the best parameters among all Large Antennas in the world.
In more recent times Dr. Herouni has begun to take an interest in megalithic structures, such as Zorats Karer in Armenia, which is thought to be an ancient observatory. By using four telescopic methods, and the precession laws of Earth, he claims to have proven that Zorats Kaher is more than 7500 years old; dating it to around 5500 BC. After his initial research and calculations, Herouni, in 1999, got in touch with Professor Gerald Hawkins, author of Stonehenge Decoded. 
Hawkins responded to Herouni in a letter, in which he said "I admire the precise calculations you have made. I am most impressed with the careful work you have done, and hope that the result will ultimately get recorded in literature." Dr. Herouni wrote about his claims in his 2004 book, Armenians and Old Armenia.

Ancient Armenian Sun Moon and Star dial Reconstructed by academician Paris Herouni.

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