Friday, May 23, 2014

Jan Voerman Sr.

Jan Voerman Sr. (1857 - 1941) was a Dutch painter and book designer. 
Early self portrait
His talent for drawing and painting manifested itself when he was very young . From his twelfth year he was drawing and painting and in 1876 started his studies at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Amsterdam. In the period 1880-1881 Jan also studied at the Antwerp Academy. In Amsterdam , he lived in the former studio of Josef Israels . During this period he painted mainly Jordanian types (from the Amsterdam workers quarters "de Jordaan") and Jewish house scenes.
Jan Voerman by Salomon Garf
Around 1900 John Voerman Sr. painted the clouds above the Dutch river IJssel. Hattem and became known as "the IJSsel Painter". 
Many of his works on display at the Voerman Museum in Hattem (Netherlands). 
Hattem is also the place where he married Anna Verkade, the sister of Jan Verkade, who was at the end of the eighties of the 19th century for some time apprenticed with Jan Voerman. 
Voerman was the father of artist Jan Voerman Jr. (1890-1976).

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