Saturday, January 31, 2015

Beat the Weakonomy, Become a Gaucho

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So the economy sucks, you've lost your job or perhaps, unemployment is in your near future. The time couldn’t be better to get re-inspired, think outside the box and take that leap towards a new career path, er, or at least something to get you far far away from the current U.S. depression.
One word: Gaucho.
Gaucho. It is the new Plastics.
During our travels across Chile we have encountered the Gaucho up close and personal and we think becoming a Gaucho might just get you off the Prozac, or at least off the government's teat.
Gaucho Perks:
+ No wasting time or money on networking - useless breakfasts, lunches, dinners, coffees and drinks with people you’ll never probably work with, for, or befriend.
+ Cheap wardrobe (See below)
+ Cheap/free employees (See below)
+ Saying that you’re a gaucho is likely to help you pick up chicks, or dudes.
Gaucho Research, Just Add Netflix:
Say you don’t have Gaucho relatives to learn from. Well, Hollywood is always there to help you out. Order up “The Gaucho”, a 1927 film starring Douglas Fairbanks as a gaucho leader who saves his town. C'mon, you are unemployed, you have plenty of time.
Gaucho Uni:
* Baggy jeans (more vintage than rapper style)
* Leather jacket (80s style preferred- you don’t want to look too Gaucho chic)
* A cute little scarf
* The most essential piece is the beret -- gauchos accessorize with the best of 'em.
Brokeback Gaucho
If you’re single, expect to be alone for extended periods of time.
If you're in a relationship, expect to be alone for extended periods of time.
If you have a family, expect to be alone for extended periods of time.
Animals Are Your Friends
1) You’ll need two or three dogs and three years to train them. They will help you herd the cattle, which could include cows or sheep.
2) No sleeping with your animals. While you may be lonely, you know the saying: don’t “do it” where you eat? Same applies to the Gaucho.
3) Learn to be at one with your horse. This will be your main mode of transportation. FYI: Not only are you saving money by not having a car, but you’ll be helping the environment too.
While it may be difficult to break into the industry in South America, we’re pretty sure you’ll be able to stand out here and make a name for yourself. Finally, while you begin your baby steps to becoming a Gaucho, remember, it’s not about the destination but the journey!
Pay = Room and Board and about $300USD a month.

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  1. Gauchos are super sexy. But, having to drink mate would put me off.