Thursday, January 22, 2015

Hippolyte Etchebéhère

Hippolyte Etchebéhère was an Internationalist and Anarchist, born in Argentina to French parents. 
He joined the Argentine Communist Party in 1923 and, in 1926, is a member of the organizing committee of the Argentine Workers Party. 
It is in Buenos Aires where he meets Mika Feldman who is as dedicated to the internationalist cause as he is. They remain a couple until his death in 1936.
They leave for Berlin in 1932 to join the group "Wedding" directed by the Austrian Kurt Landau, where they witness the rise of the Nazi's. 
In June 1933 they return to Paris, where he publishes articles for the journal Masses, under the pseudonym Juan Rustico. 
With Mika Etchebéhère
Just before the beginning of the Spanish Civil War, they move to Madrid and joined the POUM. He died early in the conflict from a grenade in July 1936.
His widow Mika continued the fight at the front, becoming the only female Capitana in the Spanish Army. 

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