Wednesday, January 28, 2015


Many berets in the short film Résistance, made in 2009 by Cyril Lorin. The movie describes real events that took place in the forest of La Double in the Ribéracois in 1944.
Against the backdrop of flashbacks between storytelling and war film "Résistance" depicts the violence from the troubled period of the Second World War and especially a beautiful story of friendship - that's more inspired by real events - between a communist resistance fighter and a German deserter in the wild scenery of the forest of La Double in the Perigord region of France.
The film is much based on local memory and many dialogues are in the Occitan language.
30 technicians, volunteers and professionals, were mobilized continuously for 10 days of shooting, as well as forty extras.
Have a look here for much more information. 

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