Friday, July 10, 2015

Bernhard Huys - German Painter

Bernhard Huys (1895 -  1973) was a German painter.
Huys is considered one of the last painters who set up their easels in the open field in order to remainclose to the object during the process of painting. Huys was a co-founder and longtime chairman of the Friends of Worpswede, an artist’s colony located in Teufelsmoor, near Bremen.
Huys studied dentistry for one semester and then became a soldier during  the First World War. Unable to prepare for a civilian job, he retired as a traveling teacher with his guitar through the country, earning money as a waiter and casual laborer. In 1929 he settled down in Worpswede, married and found also a profession that fed him and his family. After a year's apprenticeship with a carpenter, he began to manufacture picture frames, using his own technique.
On the side he drew much of what he had done in the last few years at school and started to paint. During World War II he was arrested by the Gestapo and convicted of "contempt of the leader" in December 1943. In  1945, physically, ravaged by a disease, but strengthened inwardly he started his most creative years.
At the age of 71 years he was awarded the Order of Merit of Lower Saxony first class because of his commitment to the "Friends of Worpswede".

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