Saturday, July 4, 2015

Chef Tómas Urrialde

Tómas Urrialde was the founder of the Association of Segovia Chefs , the oldest in the country, and co-founder of the National Association of Chefs of Spain.
He was named 'Favorite Chef of Segovia' in November 2007 after an emotional popular tribute and receiving the Government of Spain's Medal of Merit at Work. 
Tómas Urrialde was a chef for 42 years and chef de cuisine of Hotel Los Arcos.
At a time when vegetables were considered little more than cattle fodder in the 1970’s, the great chef found ways to popularize vegetables and beans. He was the first Spanish chef to write a book on the use of mushrooms.
Tómas died in 2010 after suffering from Alzheimers disease and is remembered for his easy-going walk, his large handlebar moustache and the always present black beret with which recalled his Basque ancestry.

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  1. I am a Spaniard from Segovia, Spain. I love Segovia not just because it's the most beautiful city in Europe, or has the Best restaurants, or the Best cultural sights, nor because the idiot Anglospehere countries ignore it's beauty and prefer to focus on idiotic cities like Paris, Rome, New York or London. No, i love Segovia simply because i am from there and if you doubt it's beauty then perhaps you should go and visit it for yourselves :)