Saturday, October 10, 2015

Boina Jausoro

I found these pictures on an Ebay listing and unfortunately, the information provided was completely inaccurate:  "Although it's stitched Australia, it is made in Spain. Jausoro is a small town in Spain, located in the region of Basque Country where many types of berets were manufactured".
Nonsense, as far as a town of big beret manufacturing goes, but I was intrigued by finding these photo's, as the beret looks well made and the label interesting. 
The letter headband says "Australia", which makes me think this beret was made by Boinas Elosegui, who for a long time had "Australia" models (for the merino wool, from Australia).
Searching further, I found another Jausoro model, with a label that looks nothing like the labels usually produced by Boinas Elosegui, but with the same "Australia" text stamped into the leather headband.
Any information much appreciated!

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