Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Jeremy K. Knight

Archaeologist Jeremy K. Knight is a former Inspector of Ancient Monuments, Cadw and what is now English Heritage. He has excavated on various Roman and Medieval sites, particularly Montgomery Castle. Author of around 100 articles, excavation reports and official guidebooks and five books- The End of Antiquity: Archaeology, Society and Religion in Western Europe 235-700 (1999, second edition 2007); Roman France: An Archaeological Field Guide ( 2001): Civil War and Restoration in Monmouthshire ( 2005) Usk: :Castle, Priory and Town (2010-editor) and South Wales from the Romans to the Normans: Christianity, Literacy and. Lordship (2013), Currently engaged on a book on the town and ironworks of Blaenavon. Recipient of Festschrift- The Medieval Castle in Ireland and Wales.

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