Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Boneteria Aotearoa

Having sold many berets to boineros around the world, I am always looking for ways of capturing the ultimate boinero's headgear into a unique package. Today I am delighted to announce the launch of a new range of berets that I feel proud to label under my own Boneteria Aotearoa label.
These berets are custom made by Boneteria Auloronesa in Oloron Sainte Marie, the birthplace of the beret in the French Béarn. An artisan product, made in small quantities and only available through Boneteria Aotearoa’s dedicated website.
There are two collections carrying the Boneteria Aotearoa label: the standard Foulards Universel and the Édition limitée

The first consists of foulard quality berets in French merino wool with black satin lining, fitted with liguette (the ingenious drawstring to adjust the size) and woven Boneteria Aotearoa label.
The Foulards Édition limitée collection consists of a range of Foulards Universel and Grand Foulards Alpin garni cuir.
Made in a limited number from French merino wool in a soft finish with an iconic New Zealand inspired cotton lining.
The Grand Foulards Alpin garni cuir are fitted with a unique soft leather headband and a lining inspired by NZ pāua (abalone) shells.
All these berets are made to the highest standard and not available anywhere else.

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  1. The best of the best, Auloronesa with lignette - perfect! Lovely colours, too. But, when are will they be stocked in 9.5p? I want another!