Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Berets as Investment?

Le Poilu has been a treasure trove for collectors of uniforms (and berets) for over 30 years. The shop is located at 18 rue Emile Duclaux in the south-west of Paris. Apart from their own stock, the shop acts as an intermediary for hard to find objects.
And to prove what an investment a simple beret can be, here two samples of recently sold berets.

Beret of the French Tank Regiment, 1940, sold for 480,00 € (approx. US $ 540.00):

Beret of the 14th BCA (Battalion Chasseurs Alpin), 1937, sold for 280,00 € (approx. US $ 315.00):

Interesting detail: both are Basque berets, with the cabilliou still in place!

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