Sunday, November 29, 2015

Red Cross Berets

Red Cross Soviet Union during WWII
Canadian Red Cross, WWII
Medical Officer (rank of Captain) of the Canadian Red Cross
Cotton beret of the French Red Cross, WWII, made in Paris
Wool beret of the French Red Cross, WWII
Wool beret French red Cross, post WWII


  1. Actually the balck one (with the three stars) is an italian military red cross beret; if you look closely, you can notice that the tiny crown on the badge looks like a walled city (corona muralis) which shows the beret was a postwar one, when Italy became a republic.

    I think that you could be possibly mislead by the use of the term "canadese" (Canadian) which in the italian military lingo identifies a particular kind of beret, a private purchase one of better quality than those issued by the government. Don't know why, probably the first firm to introduce them in Italy was a Canadian one... there is also a "spagnolo" (spanish) private purchase beret.

    Ciao from Italy!

    your affectionate

    1. Wow Paolo, you are a master! Thank you so much for your comments; most interesting and giving leads for some more research.
      As always, your wise words are much appreciated!

  2. I'm only your respectful reader and student :)

    by the way, I started teaching in an High School (Latin and Italian) and today I've met a fellow teacher who is a beret wearer... and beard wearer too, so he has an advantage on me ;)
    Turns out he buys his berets in France (maybe I can direct him to you...) and wears them for the very same reason I wear mine, i.e. a personal connection to french culture... besides being very stylish :)

    ciao from Italy!

    1. Ah, aren't we all readers and students as well as masters at times? I am as happy to learn from you as you are to read my posts on berets.
      And yes, I look much forward to learning more from you, again!