Friday, November 20, 2015

Wiesław “Vislav” Mileńko's Berets

"You do not need to fly to the other side of the planet to do an expedition. You do not need to be an elite athlete, expertly trained, or rich to have an adventure. Adventure is only a state of mind. Adventure is stretching yourself; mentally, physically or culturally. It is about doing what you do not normally do, pushing yourself hard and doing it to the best of your ability. And if that is true then adventure is all around us, at all times.."
This is the motto (by Alastair Humphreys) of Wiesław “Vislav” Mileńko, a Polish blogger who works at the Świnoujś Ferry Terminal in Świnoujście.
Needless, to say, Vislav has a strong liking for berets and I would say, makes a perfect rolemodel for boineros!
Check him out here

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