Friday, September 2, 2016

Robert Petit Lorraine

Born in 1920 in Nancy, Robert Petit is from a family of devout Catholics patriots. Thanks to his father, an artisan blacksmith, he learns about art at a young age and in 1935, he became an apprentice in the workshop of master glassmaker Janin Nancy.
His family was forced to leave Nancy during the exodus of 1940 and moves to the Ardèche. Not joining his family returning to Nancy after more than two years in exile, he decides to stay in the Ardèche, attracted by the light and landscapes of this department.
Following the establishment the Compulsory Work Service (STO), he goes into hiding. Joining the Resistance, he takes on the name "Lorraine" in reference to his native region, strongly marked by the conflictual relations between France and Germany.
 During this period, he continued to draw and manually produced several posters for the Resistance that are plastered in Aubenas to call the people to resist.
After the war, Lorraine continues to attend intellectual and artistic circles and paints under the name "Robert Petit Lorraine". After the friend and illustrator of Saint-John Perse, he devoted the last part of his artistic life to the Cathar resistance. 
He died in 2006 in the Ardèche.

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