Friday, October 14, 2016

Jacques van Meegeren

Following yesterday’s post on Han van Meegeren, this is his son Jacques Henri Emil van Meegeren (1912 –1977). Jacques too,  was a Dutch illustrator and painter.
He is also considered to be a forger of the work of his father Han van Meegeren. He was, however, less gifted and his forgeries adversely affected the reputation of his father’s work.
In 1938, the elder Van Meegeren suggested that Jacques should visit the exhibition of paintings of the Dutch Golden Age in Rotterdam and have a special look at the newly discovered Supper at Emmaus by Vermeer (pictured above). When his father later asked Jacques about the impression the picture had made on him, Jacques’ reaction was remarkable:
”It is a masterpiece of this century, certainly no Vermeer.”
”To whom do you attribute it, then?”
”To you, Dad,” Jacques said. “I can see it from the long and outsized form of the heads. The eyelids are your way of painting (...) the wine glass and the white pitcher are also yours.”
His father did not speak another word and Jacques kept the secret of his father. They did not discuss the matter again until 1945, when the fake came to light.

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