Tuesday, October 4, 2016

White Berets

Not the most common among berets, but they do exist and, better than that, some have a long and illustrious history.
Probably the most famous were the white berets donned by the members of the Arctic Convoys; the sailors who kept the supplies to Murmansk in the Arctic Ocean going during WWII (top picture).
The Chasseurs Alpins appear to be wearing white tartes when in their winter snow-camo uniform, but really, they are navy blue with a white cotton cover.
Tunisian Chechias acome in white; superb felted wool hats fitted with a long black tassel. 
Leandro Nicéforo Alem (11 March 1841 – 1 July 1896) was an Argentinean politician and the founder and leader of the Radical Civic Union, known for his boina blanca (and whose portrait was widely used for advertising razor blades).
South Pacific Berets has two excellent options in white: the cotton boina Tolosa Tupida from Argentina and the wool Hispano Basque in a variety of diameters.

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  1. I'm of the opinion that black is the best colour for a beret, followed closely by white. I love to wear colour and in the beginning I thought I'd like colour berets. I've since changed my mind to basic black (and now white, too).