Friday, October 7, 2016

José Suárez

José Suárez (1902 - 1974) was one of the most important historical photographers of Spain.
He studied law at Salamanca and there he met Miguel de Unamuno, who in 1932 wrote the foreword to ''50 pictures of Salamanca”.
In 1936 he was exiled to America. He lived in Buenos Aires, in Uruguay and Japan –the last a country that decisively influenced his way of seeing life. He produced a photographic series and back to America, gave numerous lectures on Japanese culture.
In 1959 he returned to Galicia. His most famous series of work is the Mariñeiros (1936) series. 

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  1. Spain - Japan: two completely different worlds. It makes me wonder what it was about Japan which so influenced his way of looking at life. The video was excellent. I enjoyed seeing berets so worn that they had holes or tears in them. And, the man wearing a kerchief under his beret!