Monday, August 7, 2017

Cœurs Vaillants (Brave Hearts)

Cœurs Vaillants (Brave Hearts), known later as J2 Jeunes and Formule 1, was a Catholic French language weekly newspaper for children.
Founded in 1929 by l'Union des œuvres catholiques de France (The Union of Catholic Works of France; UOCF), the weekly newspaper targeted readers aged 11 to 14 to become part of l'Action catholique des enfants (The Catholic Action for Children; ACE). The newspaper is notable for introducing The Adventures of Tintin to France.
Cœurs Vaillants was prohibited in the Zone occupée (Occupied Zone); it was replaced by the small periodical Belles Histoires de Vaillance (Beautiful Stories of Valor).
The French comics series Sylvain et Sylvette was created by Maurice Cuvillier in 1941 and appeared first on the pages of Cœurs Vaillants. Later it was published in a different French magazine, Fripounet et Marisette.
In 1963, now published by Editions Fleurus, Cœurs Vaillants took the more contemporary name J2 Jeunes (J2 Youth). The "J" referred to "Jeudi" (Thursday), the day of publication, which is the day French children did not attend school. In 1971, the magazine was renamed Formula 1. In 1981, Formula 1 ceased publication.

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