Sunday, August 13, 2017


Even though Portugal shares the Iberian Peninsula with beret-rich Spain, beret wearing has never hit it big in this country. Some famous Portuguese are well known for being boineros too though, like  José Manuel Cerqueira Afonso dos SantosManuel CabanasJoaquim Pereira Teixeira de Vasconcelos and Miguel Torga.
A nice surprise all the more to find these great pictures in my mailbox (thanks PLG); some great shots of Portuguese fishermen and boinero kids happily munching away on some Portuguese steps. 
More traditional to Portugal is of course the Barrete Preto Pescador, the traditional Portuguese black fishermen's “barrete”, made of 100% wool with cotton/viscose lining.
A genuine artisan made Portuguese hat, still in every day use by the fishermen of Nazaré on Portugal’s Costa de Prata (Silver Coast).

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