Saturday, August 5, 2017

Stained Glass and Berets

When staying in Leintz-Gatzaga on my last trip in Guipuzcoa, I had dinner at the Gure Ametsa restaurant outside the town. Not only did they prepare me a lovely vegetarian meal, I also found a beautiful cabinet behind the bar with stained glass windows portraying many berets.
A quick internet search showed me there are many more berets depicted in glass to be found (not all as beautiful as the ones above) and also actual berets inspired by stained glass - the full circle, really.
Maybe not berets in the literal sense of the word, but I find these crocheted berets in bright colours quite stunning in their own right. Then, I found another beret in stained glass, made by Maire Genevieve Gallois,a nun in Petit Appeville (Normandy, France), fitted in the small church of the village.

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