Saturday, November 11, 2017

Florencio dos Vilares

Florencio dos Vilares (1914 – 1986) was a singing violinist and natural chroniqueur the musical heritage of Galicia.
Florencio has preserved a repertoire, a way of interpreting music and a way of life that disappeared with him with his death, but he is remembered by a large part of the population of Fonsagrada. Romances sung by him with the help of his violin, such as "La Hija de Bartolo" or "El Testamento del Gato" are part of the collective memory of much of the region. Florencio sang at parties, fairs, wherever there was a group of people to entertain with his music and stories.
Until the middle of the 20th century, it was typical that blind people were dedicated to bringing their music at festivals and markets in European cities as a means of subsistence. The instruments that accompanied the song were often zanfonas, violins or pulsed string instruments. Normally they were accompanied by a person who guided them, often a young boy, who accompanied with some percussion instrument or used to sell paper tokens.

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