Saturday, November 4, 2017

The Béret in Béarnais

There won’t be any language with so many words relating to berets as Béarnais. ‘Bonetaire’ (beret maker or merchant) is one; like ‘Boneteria’ (beret factory or shop).
There are also many expressions that show the great place of this headgear in Béarnais culture:

Bounét de boèu : (beret of beef); Wear the horns ...
Bounet of nail : (beret of gloss) - Old beret dirty and worn.
Bounétade : A salute by removing the beret.
Bounetas : Large and wide (Alpin) beret.
Bounetasse : Large belly or big belly.
Bounetat : Full beret.
Bounétade : Measure of chestnuts, walnuts (typically collected/transported in a beret)
Bounéto: Boyfriend
Bounétot : Small beret. 

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