Friday, November 3, 2017

UNO Coffee

Byung - hak Lee (58) is is the man behind UNO Coffee and has been roasting and serving coffee for 35 years.
His is just a coffee house. Unlike other cafes, there are no juices, cookies, breads.., only coffee. Byung – hak Lee studied coffee roasting in Germany and opened his first coffee shop in Insadong (Korea); the poet of Heavenly Heaven and the monk Zhong Kwang were the regular guests of that time.
Byung - hak Lee was one of the three organizers of the Kangnung Coffee Festival in 2009 (and since held every year).
The coffee house is also a cultural space, Byung - hak Lee emphasizes. Every Friday there is a discussion with painters or artists from the theater.
Byung-hak Lee is not only an expert in coffee, but also a representative of the movie company Dust, a film director, and a screenwriter. He has worked with art director Oh Jae Won and made 10 short films.
But more than that, he is an avid boinero; testimony of which you can see daily on his Instagram page. 

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