Monday, July 23, 2018

Alpino's or Alpinopetten

Krupp truck, loaded with drainage pipes
In most languages, the word for 'beret' refers to the supposed Basque origin (although of course, the beret's origin lies in Béarn). 
Magirus truck and trailer
In French Béret Basque, German Baskenmütze, Italian Basco, Norwegian baskerlue, etc. In Dutch however, the beret is called alpinopet (literally: cap of the Alps).
DAF truck, 1960
These days alpino's are rare to find in the Dutch landscape, but after WWII until the 1970's, it was one of the most commonly seen pieces of headgear.
Scania, 1960s
Over the years, I have posted regularly on Dutch alpino's, but it always bugged me how little visual information I could find. That changed when I found a website dedicated to trucks in the northern Netherlands; a treasure trove of photo's depicting old trucks and their proud drivers with alpinopet.
Ford, date unknown

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