Sunday, July 1, 2018

SPB's Biggest SPECIAL Ever!

On SPECIAL this week, boinas from the Fábrica Nacional de Sombreros in Uruguay!
This week a massive Special; in price reduction, size and variety. With many new berets in the pipeline for later this year, room needs to be created and with a large stock of berets, or boinas, from Uruguay, what better way then to slash prices on these berets for a little while.
All models are presently (much) reduced in price, from the basic Nutria (now @ $25.00) to the massive 35cm Cataluña @ ($44.50). In between, many standard Cataluña's and Castlla's in merino and cotton (@ $37.50).
On Special for for as long as stock lasts, but be quick - some models will sell out fast!

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