Friday, July 20, 2018


The Isle of Man TT is probably the most famous – and most dangerous – motorcycle race meeting in the world. Since 1907, the event has been thrilling competitors and spectators who flock to the small island in the Irish Sea. And, in 1951 and 1952, Mick Mathers, of Meir Heath, was among the motorcycle fans at the annual event.
Winnie Bentley in 1947 on Dave Anderson’s Hanley Speedway bike 
Now aged 81, Mick recalls: “I was taken there by my cousin Winnie’s husband, Frank, along with their sons, Frankie and Freddie, and another boy called Roy. I was the youngest of the group. Mick has a photograph of his late cousin, Winnie Bentley (née Mathers), who was born in Queen Street, Fenton, in 1914. He says: “She’s seen here in 1947 in the side entrance to her property in Foley Street, sitting on a speedway bike belonging to Dave Anderson.
“Winnie is wearing her Potters’ speedway team beret (you can just about make out one of the five stars sewn on the top). Dave was the team captain.”

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