Sunday, January 6, 2019

Kenneth Roberts

Kenneth Lewis Roberts (1885 –1957) was an American writer of historical novels. 
He worked first as a journalist, becoming nationally known for his work with the Saturday Evening Post from 1919 to 1928, and then as a popular novelist. Born in Kennebunk, Maine, Roberts specialized in regionalist historical fiction, often writing about his native state and its terrain and about other upper New England states and scenes.
While a reporter for the Saturday Evening Post in the early 1920s, Roberts wrote many magazine articles and a book during the period immediately following World War I that urged strong legal restrictions on immigration from eastern and southern Europe and from Mexico, warning of the dangers of immigration from places other than north western Europe. 
He became a leading voice for stricter immigration laws and testified before a congressional committee on the subject. He wrote:
“If America doesn’t keep out the queer alien mongrelized people of Southern and Eastern Europe, her crop of citizens will eventually be dwarfed and mongrelized in turn.”

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