Friday, July 12, 2019

Kees Scherer

Kees Scherer (1920 – 1993) was born at the Jordaan Quarter of Amsterdam (Netherlands).
As a boy, his most precious possession was a small Agfa photographic box-camera; the start of his career as a professional photographer.
After the liberation of the Netherlands in 1945, Kees started as a freelancer for newspapers and magazines. With his spectacular reports on the Great Flood of 1953 and the Hungarian Uprising in 1956, he worked his way up to the top of photojournalism.
Together with his friend and colleague Bram Wisman, he initiated the foundation of the World Press Photo – now the most prestigious photo event in the world.
His hometown Amsterdam had a special place in his heart (and works).
Many photos give evidence of the omnipresence of berets during the 1940’s – 1960’s.
After a stroke that took away his ability to speak, Kees Scherer died in a hospice in 1993.

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