Friday, July 19, 2019

Stories From Potato Country

Southwest of the capital of Belgium, Brussels, lies potato country; a place that the modern world seems to have passed by: endless potato fields, never-ending sloping hills and small villages rife with a stubbornness and superstition as living leftovers of a bygone age. This is the setting of one of the must-read Dutch graphic novels of 2013: Stories From Potato Country.
These heartrending tales from the countryside comprise several vignettes based upon the stories of real life people as told to artist Koenraad Tinel. Kornil, Kamiel, Eddy, Madeleine, Domien and Victor have all lived through hardship and disillusionment and where some keep on struggling, others simply resign themselves to the life fate has dealt them. 
From a gardener who lost a leg in WWII, to a disillusioned father who sees his children endlessly quibble for their inheritance, to a mother gently sloping towards the light from the window after her thrombosis, just like the hills of the landscape, everyone has their own tale (though losing one or more legs seems an uncomfortable recurring thread).

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