Thursday, March 18, 2010

Ramón Acín Aquilué

Ramón Acín Aquilué (1888 - 1936) Spanish anarcho-syndicalist, teacher, writer and avant-garde artist murdered by fascists in the first year of the Spanish Civil War.
From 1913 on, Acín was engaged in the Spanish anarchist movement, particularly in Barcelona and his home region of Aragón. He wrote for several anarchist magazines in Aragón and Catalonia and took part in several congresses of the anarchist labour union CGT in Huesca. 
Acín  was a non-violent anarchist and very much engaged in workers' education matter's; e.g., he gave drawing lesson's to workers in evening school courses. His own artistical works were presented in Madrid in 1931.
Until the beginning of the spanish Second Republic he was imprisioned several times for his writings and spent some time in the later 1920s in exile in France. When he won in the lottery, he gave an amount of money to Luis Buñuel for the production of  Las Hurdes: Tierra Sin Pan, that's how he made his way into film history.  
When the spanish Civil War began, Huesca was soon taken by nationalist forces. 
Acín and his wife, Conchita Monrás, were among the many victims of illegal executions at that time. 

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