Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Lehendakaris in Euskadi

The hitherto used formula by all lehendakaris "humbled before God, standing on Basque soil, in memory of the ancestors, under the Guernica tree, I swear faithfully my mandate" is considered by the future lehendakari anachronistic and excessive.
So the "Before God humiliated ..." will be discarded in order to escape religious connotations.
In addition, a copy of the Constitution is used - and not the Bible.
Some fresh air enters Euskadi!


  1. That's not the Lehendakari, but prince Xabier Bourbon-Parma (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prince_Xavier_of_Bourbon-Parma) swearing the medieval laws. Probably it is the Basque "Fueros" in Gernika, though. And probably the rest are Basque or Navarrese "requetés", who fighted for Franco. Anyway, the Carlist aspirant crossed the French border against Franco's will, and had to leave soon Spain again while his supporters where used by Franco as cannon fodder, for disolving them and rejecting their claims after the war. The carlist aspirant fought against the nazis with the Belgian an French Armies, and with la Resistance after when those where dismantled, and was imprisoned in several concentration camps, which he could survive despite the fact, that Franco asked the nazis to dispose of him. Just a year after Franco's death, some Francoism nostalgics fired machine guns and pistols in Montejurra during a carlist concentration, killing 2 participants.

  2. Thanks for your informative comment. Great!

  3. Great changes: no god and no bible. Sounds like they've moved into the 21st century.