Saturday, January 15, 2011

David Dewey

From the Incredible People web site, comes this story:
David Dewey is another passion works artist. A very slight, 29 year old wisp of a man and, with his thin moustache and ever-present French beret, he looks every bit the well known Athens artist that he has become. He is a very kind and joyful man with a great sense of humour. While he doesn’t drive one himself, he has a daydream love affair with motorcycles and always wears a pair of leather, fingerless, Harley-Davidson gloves.

David has very weak hands. He cannot pick up even a piece of paper or do any of a wide variety of other things that would be useful on the ATCO assembly line. Consequently, something that Dewey had on his hands - besides his motorcycle gloves - was a lot of free time.

"One day early on," Mitchell shares, "he was in the studio doing a pen-and-ink drawing...and he drew some washers and dryers and a refrigerator. I tell you, I almost fell over they were so beautiful! I realized then and there that he was really talented."

Many more David Dewey drawings followed which soon led to a collection of greeting cards which Passion Works now sells featuring the art of Dewey and others.

"His work is now literally in demand because people appreciate his take on things", as Patty puts it. "He simply has a unique way of looking at things and transferring that to paper."

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