Saturday, February 26, 2011

Badges #1

Swiss Military Police
The world of military beret badges is a large (and interesting) one; there must be thousands and thousands of different badges - every unit, regiment and service it's own symbol to distinguish itself from other units.
Sweden - Lapplands Hunter
Some badges are extremely boring - a combination of letters only, numerous crosses, hunting horns, old fashioned crossed canons, etc. But there are also some very elaborate badges, or fascinating symbolism. 
French Army Badges
Most are metal (in silver or gold colour), some are braided thread and also there are units that use cloth patches for a beret badge.
UK - Princess Of Wales Regiment
One of the most significant badges for beret enthusiasts is probably the badge of the Chasseurs Alpins, the initiators of berets in the military (see below).


  1. The Swedish Wolfs head should be referred to Lapland Ranger. And not as the pure translation of (Lapplands Jägare/Hunter).
    Just saying.... I did my military base training as on of them.

  2. Could you tell me what unit the cap badge at Ref 246 is - crossed torches in a circle

    1. The badge is of the "SERVICE DES ESSENCES", supply corps. Hope that helps.