Friday, July 27, 2012

South Pacific Berets - NEW WEB SITE!

The web site of South Pacific Berets has had a complete overhaul and is live now! 
All berets are now arranged in sub-menus under their country heading; some general information on the country of manufacturing and a choice of sub-menus to go from there. 
The cost of berets is completely transparent as there is no more difference between berets listed with included postage cost and without.
A good number of berets has been reduced in price (and only a small number had to increase a little).
And completely new to the stock are the traditional Tunisian chechias; very proud to have been able to finally source these fantastic hats, so similar to the beret.
These chechias are made by artisan chechia manufacturer Mr Troudi Belhassen, at the Chaouachyya Souk in Tunis. Beautiful, thick felted hats in a variety of colours and sizes (read the posts on The Beret Project over the next few days for more information!). 
If any comments on the new web site -positive or negative-, please let me know!


  1. Congratulations on your new webpage. It looks great and has a more logical layout. Fabulous pictures too. You must have read my mind about including a locality map. Are you no longer stocking Fabrica Nacional de Sombreros from Uruguay? I couldn't see them listed although you've marked Uruguay on your map. Also, have you thought about including a link to that wonderful video from Spain that's on your blog which shows traditional boinas production?

  2. Thanks for the nice comments!
    I do have some boinas left from the FN in Uruguay (in the One-Off section of the shop), but won't be re-stocking. Strange as it may sound in these days of internet, Paypal and Skype, but logistically, it was a bit of a nightmare organizing the imports (and very costly too). The berets made by Argentinean Bonigor are very similar and in good supply.