Saturday, September 29, 2012

Brown - 2nd (French) Hussars

I don't often post on military berets, except when they are significantly 'different' or interesting for another reason (like the Tartes of the Chasseurs Alpin or Indian Naval Commandos).
These brown berets caught my eye because they don't have a badge attached to them, but the badge is embroidered on the beret. It's the badge of the French Tank Corps, with an added "portée hongroise" to it.  
The 2nd Regiment of Hussars is a French army regiment formed in 1735. The regiment distinguished itself during the Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars.
Currently, it is the armoured regiment of intelligence to the Army. The regiment is part of the Intelligence Brigade stationed in Haguenau, which includes all the regiments of the "Earth Action Force" specialized in intelligence gathering.
The unit specializes in infiltration and camouflage, the 2nd Hussars are characterized by the mobility of its patrols that are re-deployable on short notice.


  1. Re the Tartes of the India Naval Commandos, did you evr try to source them?

  2. Hi Alex,
    Tried yes, but never got any further with that. I do expect to get a small quantity of the French 'tartes' in winter version - a very special beret!
    Hope to know more in another 2 weeks or so...