Thursday, December 21, 2017

Boinas Guarda Pampa by Arandú

The Guarda Pampa (People of the Earth) was originally created by the aboriginal people of Argentinian and Chilean Patagonia.  This symmetric design symbolizes the reflection of the Andes Mountains in the lakes of the region. 
The Guarda Pampa, adopted and made iconic by the Argentine gauchos, has become a design that is woven into the fabric of Argentine and Chilean culture – from the flat pampas regions to the urban cities to the Andes Mountains.
Many designs, originally of Mataco and Mapuche origin, are commonly seen in gaucho's berets. Hard to find, even in Argentina and Chile, South Pacific Berets now stocks a small number of boinas guarda pampa.
The boinas Arandú are available in both the guarda pampa and a traditional Mapuche Aboriginal design; heavy duty 120 grams cotton knitted boinas in 29.5cm diameter, fitted with a comfortable elastic headband. Five colours @ $56.50.

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  1. They are really beautiful! Maybe a good idea to get one for next spring...