Thursday, May 26, 2022

Russian Berets #1: Russian National Unity

The "denazification" campaign / "Special Military Operation" / Invasion of Ukraine by Russia is much supported by neonazi and other fascist organizations and militia in Russia. The mysterious ways of Putin's thinking...

Sadly many of these nationalist groups have adopted the (French!) beret as their headgear of choice, spiced up with badges that carry a strong resemblance to Nazi symbols like the swastika and SS symbols.

Once such group is 'Russian National Unity' or 'All-Russian Civic Patriotic Movement', an unregistered neo-Nazi and irredentist group. 

The movement advocated the expulsion of non-Russians and an increased role for the Russian Orthodox Church. It collaborated on a limited basis with the Federal Security Service. The group was banned in Moscow in 1999 after which the group gradually split up in smaller groups and their webpage became defunct in 2006.

More on their beret-wearing offspring to follow...

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