Sunday, June 26, 2022

Sergey Bakaev

Sergey Bakaev was born in 1922, traveling in the train through Siberia to the new workplace of his father, in Irkutsk.

In Siberia Sergey became an orphan and in 1933 his grandmother brought him [back] to the Crimea. Ever since, Yalta was his home.

Sergey Bakaev started to work in an art studio but had to join the army. The war started when he was in Belarus. Heavy fighting, imprisonment, concentration camps; he was the only one who managed to escape. He wandered, almost starved and at last came to occupied Slutsk. The first sign Sergey Bakaev saw there was "Art Studio". In some way art saved his life — Sergey got a job.

In 1951 he graduated from Simferopol Art School, the creative home of many Crimean artists.

In 1961 he became a member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine. In 1999, Bakaev was awarded the title of Honored artist of the Crimea.

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