Wednesday, December 28, 2022

Prisoner 155

One of the best graphic novels I have read (yes, highly recommended!). 

Prisoner 155: Simón Radowitzky is a beautifully illustrated graphic novel that tells the story of Simón Radowitzky (1891-1956), a gentle soul caught up in a cruel world.

Author/illustrator Agustín Comotto is an Argentinian living in Spain where the book was first published in 2016.

Radowitzky appears in a few books (recently The Anarchist Expropriators and Rebellion in Patagonia--both from AK Press), but this is the first English-language book devoted solely to him.

His tumultuous life begins with his immigration from Ukraine to Argentina, followed by his assassination of Colonel Falcón (who presided over the slaughter of 100 workers) in 1909.

Banished to a penal colony, he escaped, was recaptured and tortured, serving a total of twenty years.

Upon release he joined the Spanish Revolution, after which he decamped for Mexico, where he died in 1956 while employed at a toy factory.

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