Wednesday, March 1, 2023

Cathay Lwobeing Berets

Chinese made berets are best known for their low prices, poor quality and being sold at the most expensive tourist areas of Paris...

Beret manufacturer Lwobeing is the stereotypical exception to the rule, creating quality, comfortable Basque berets from Australian merino wool, building on a legacy of French beret-wearing in Shanghai. This legacy was formed during the period of the French Concession (1849-1945) and in 'Frenchtown' many older Shànghǎirén continue wearing the Basque beret every day.

The Cathay Lwobeing berets measure 28cm in diameter (10p), are fitted with an embroidered label and sewn-in satin lining.

Available in a range of colours at a cost incomparable with any European made berets @ $37.25.

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