Monday, December 18, 2023

Louis Amédée Lantz

Louis Amédée Lantz (1886-1953) was a pioneer of European herpetology.

His residence of nearly twelve years in Russia enabled him to make several field trips to regions such as the Caucasus and Iran. He always carried with him a homemade telescopic net that he used to catch lizards. That net became symbolic of Lantz for most people around him. He realized significant herpetological collections mainly deposited in the Museum of the Zoology Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences in St. Petersburg. Soon after the Russian Revolution in 1917, he had to leave the country and stayed for a few years in France before moving to England.  Lantz died at the age of 66 years, in Switzerland, as he was about to join the team of herpetologists at the Natural History Museum in Paris.

Unfortunately, the only evidence of Lantz wearing a beret, is as a 10 year old in his native Alsace in 1896. 

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