Tuesday, February 13, 2024

Cor du Roi

Corduroy is a textile with a distinctively raised "cord" or wale texture. Both velvet and corduroy derive from fustian fabric, a variety of heavy cloth woven from cotton, chiefly prepared for menswear.

Corduroy looks as if it is made from multiple cords laid parallel to each other.

The width of the wales varies by wale count—the number of wales per inch. A wale is a column of loops running lengthwise, corresponding to the warp of woven fabric. The lower the number, the thicker the wales' width (e.g., 4-wale is much thicker than 11-wale).

Like French and British workers, I have always felt a strong liking for corduroy and a big fan of the corduroy caps and clothing by Le Laboureur. However much I like the 'Casquette Laboureur Corduroy, I kept searching for Basque berets in this illustrious material. 

Almost a year ago, I found 2 beautiful Japanese made berets; one by 'Higher' and one by 'Two Black Cats'; favourites for all seasons. Unfortunately, hard to get and not cheap.

Recently, I found the excellent corduroy models by Japanese beret manufacturer Choi Toshi, which are now available at South Pacific Berets!

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