Thursday, July 29, 2010

One Offs at South Pacific Berets

Sometimes, at South Pacific Berets, we have only one or two of a specific beret in store; show models, special orders, berets made for a special occasion (festivals, games, etc), try-outs, extra-ordinary sizes... 

All these One Off Berets are listed on this page - when sold, there is generally no more. Take your pick for something special!


  1. Hey! I'm from Brazil and looking for a béret Basque with 16" diameter. See my site and you will understand my need. It's because i have to represent a beret like on my trend mark. Thank you for your help ( Bandeira

  2. Thank you for your message. Very nice and appetizing web site!
    Yes, I do have the 16" Basque beret (or Txapela) in stock. They come at $55 (including air mail postage and handling to Brazil) and can be ordered through this link:
    Hope this helps.