Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Sanaa Mehaidley

I can just repeat my opening of my post of the 23rd of July; "The hero for one is the terrorist for..." etc. And again, who am I to judge.

I was brought up with the holocaust very present in my life and learned at an early age about antisemitism and where racism (and stupidity) can lead to. It was (an understandable) one-sided perspective and when I visited the 'British Prison' in Jerusalem (a museum, now), it was an eyeopener to find that Jewish settlers before and after 1948 used the same tactics that I so despises in the Palestinian terror groups.
And from there, having worked in medical aid in a good number of war zones over the years, my beliefs in "good" and "right", "heroes" and "bad guys" fell further and further apart.

O well, a long introduction for Sanaa Mehaidley - a hero to many, a terrorist to many... Look here or here for the background and attempt to make up your mind. 

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