Sunday, July 29, 2012

Chechias (2)

Yesterday I wrote about the chechia being a close cousin of the beret. This may appear obvious from the material and shape of the hat, but there is more to it. The manufacturing process (that hasn't altered much over the centuries) shows more than a few similarities.
The whole process consists of six stages: first there is the knitting. This is followed by the treading (to increase density and solidify/fortify the fibres). The next part is the carding; originally this was done with thistles, but these days it's steel brushes. 
Then the chechia in the making is dyed; principally in vermillion (red), but also in black (for Libya), grey and green (for export to Morocco and Nigeria). After dyeing, the molding of the chechia gets finalized and brushed.
The Persian poet Rumi said: "A man without a chehcia is dissolved". 

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