Friday, July 13, 2012


Just in, at South Pacific Berets, not even photographed yet, let alone listed:
Basco Roma's in dark brown and anthracite grey - a first one ever! I can't help but feeling a little proud about these custom made berets from Italy (had to take a few out for myself, of course...).
I do have pictures of the, also new, Basco Francia in navy, making all the Francia's now available through South Pacific Berets (black, navy, grey & brown) and more berets in the Basco Pura Lana range: camel, chestnut brown and marbled green.
Last, I ordered two samples of the famous Borsalino beret, fantastic berets with beautiful finishing and a soft lambs leather headband. 

Unfortunately, with all added import, GST and shipping costs, these are to expensive to stock - I have one listed now in the One-Offs section at SPB in size 59 @ $52.50. See pictures below.
All the berets mentioned will get listed at the web site over the next 2 days.

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