Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Winter Break - the End

Yes, my winter break is over - back in Wellington, where it's a cold but beautiful winter-sunny day (without wind!). Life could be worse... 
And on my return many new berets on the doorstep; more coloured cotton Plato Grandes from Argentina, small diameter Elosegui berets, grey and brown coloured Basco Roma's (a first! Roma's have never been manufactured in anything but black and navy before)... they will all be listed on South Pacific Berets over the next few days.
One new addition I'd like to share here already is the French made béret NIEBLA, a 9 pouces (256mm) diameter beret in Blancq-Olibets 528 quality. A great small diameter beret with a beautiful embroidered label. Listed on The Beret project now @ $60.00 (in sizes 56 - 59).
Back in stock are the Tartes, or the extra ordinary large berets of the Chasseurs Alpins, now available in size 58 - 61.
And finally, back in stock: the béret Vrai Basque, one of the oldest beret labels continuously in use (and at a reduced price of $65.00).
Meanwhile, my béret du jour over the past 10 days was the Franco-German Basque beret, a beret with headband, that doesn't feel like it has one. Highly recommended! Seen here on top of my head against the background of Mount Ruapehu
One nice encounter on Auckland's waterfront, was this gentleman, sleeping deeply under the winter sun, his Basque beret adding to his comfort:

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