Friday, April 12, 2013

El Espiritu del Lúgubre

El Espiritu del Lúgubre began in 1998 (from Burgos, Spain) with the philosophy of "re-newing" folk music and make it more accessible to the public of the 21st century.
The result of this are the original compositions, instrumental and lyrical arrangements, all backed by a range of instruments, among which stands out especially the mixing with trikitixa, 12-string acoustic guitar, accordion and bagpipes. Something unheard of until now.
With folk music having it's roots in the rural parts of Spain, how would it be possible not to die out when rural life itself dies out, diminishes every day if not already extinct?
The group has been one of the revelations of recent years, performing in some of the renowned festivals:
Celtic World Festival at Ortigueira, International Folk Festival of Plasencia, Castilla Folk Festival, Fringe Theatre Festival among others.
The Espiritu del Lúgubre is a breath of fresh air in the folk scene.  
A cult band with a weird name and good advocates for the beret! Free music downloadable from the web site.

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