Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Les Bérets Laulhère

It is by far the biggest news in the world of berets for decades: the completely new line of berets by French manufacturer Laulhère! But more than that, the way the manufacturer comes back from numerous years of struggling, is also a bit of a revolution in this traditional and predominantly conservative industry. 
What used to be BEATEX-Laulhère is now simply 'Laulhère', the original brand name since 1840 and the new Laulhère collection is truly innovative and daring. 
The most significant news comes from the range of Bayadère berets, berets inspired by the interbellum's roaring twenties, or "années folles" ("crazy years"); Parisian jazz clubs and a hunger in people to express themselves, shed off the old conformative shells of society. 
The term bayadère has two meanings: "dancer", from the Portuguese "bailadeira", and "fabric in striped, bright colours". The Bayadère berets come in a variety of these multi-coloured linings, similar to those berets of the era that are now showcased in museums. 
But, there is more. In line with the motto of The Beret Project (PEAKED CAP: FOR PEOPLE WHO DON'T DARE TO WEAR A BERET), Laulhère came up with a hat that sits somewhere between a peaked beret and a Basque beret, the Casquette - in both a standard and Bayadère  edition.
The complete line of Laulhère berets will hit the market in September this year, but from mid-May already available through South Pacific Berets!
South Pacific Berets will stock the Bayadères in a variety of diameters, both in black and navy, the Casquettes in various colours and the traditional Basque berets 'Basque Authentique".


  1. You can order Laulhere beret to the website


    1. Yes, but not the new range of Casquettes and berets with 'bayadere' lining. Only at South Pacific Berets!