Thursday, April 25, 2013

Patricio Falconi Almeida, con Boina

Patricio Falconi Almeida is an Ecuadorian poet. Falconi's book La Costilla de Don Quijote (2000; Don Quixote's Rib) is a single long poem (or, depending on how you choose to read it, a sequence of very short poems) of love, directed to an unnamed woman.
In the opening lines, the poet invokes his beloved and states that she comes, not from Adam's rib, but from that of D.Q.
There is only a single additional reference to D.Q. in the poem, but given the title metaphor and the prominent placement of the concept in the text, the suggestion is, perhaps, that the woman is the poet's ideal, an ideal inspired in D.Q.'s love for Dulcinea. 

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